Hong Kong-an interesting place for tourists

  Hong Kong is one of the world's most interesting places for tourist. Millions of tourists come here every year.

  If you visit Hong Kong, you can go to Ocean Park, visit the big Buddha and see the Tsing Ma Bridge.

  Ocean Park is in Aberdeen. It was opened in July 1979. Ocean Park has some Pandas, roller coaster, dolphins and a lot of other things to see. But the roller coaster is very exciting. The Pandas are lazy. They often sleep. Dolphins are clever. They can jump out of the water and through a hoop. The roller coaster is the longest and fastest in the world.

  The Big Buddha is on Lantau Island. It was built in 1986. The Big Buddha is 34m high. It is very beautiful. It is the largest seated Buddha in the world.

  The Tsing Ma Bridge connects Tsing Yi Island to Lantau Island. It was built in 1997. The Tsing Ma Bridge is 2.2 km long and the longest suspension Bridge in Hong Kong.

  There are many more interesting places in Hong Kong. If you come to Hong Kong, you will be very happy.

1C Wong Man Yee